About Clearwater Law Group, Tri-Cities, WA Attorney

Clearwater Law Group, Tri-Cities WA Attorney General Practice LawWhen you need a Tri-Cities WA Attorney, choose Clearwater Law Group, a full service law firm serving Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland, Washington – commonly known as the Tri-Cities. The firm was founded by John C. Bolliger, a fully-grounded Tri Citian. Mr. Bolliger founded the firm on the principles of helping you achieve the best possible result in your legal dispute – with as little expense to you as possible.

Clearwater Law Group combines the legal expertise and sophisticated practice areas normally found in large law firms, with the responsiveness of a boutique firm. Our attorneys have a wide depth of knowledge and serve our clients as a trusted resource, providing the experience that makes a difference in the outcome of your case.

We recognize that each case starts with a personal story. We take time to build relationships with clients and are passionate about finding and achieving fair results.

Our goals are simple:

  • To develop meaningful and productive relationships with our clients based on integrity, respect, and concern for their individual and legal needs and circumstances.
  • To achieve the best possible result in each of our clients’ individual and unique cases.

We understand how scary and intimidating the legal process can be, and we strive to ensure that clients fully understand the legal process and get the quality care and attention they need.

Our Attorneys are Proficient Legal Practitioners with Respect to Both Litigation and Transactional Matters

Our Tri-Cities WA attorneys provide all manner of litigation services — from commencement to final resolution of your case. That said, with their impressive preparation and negotiation skills, our attorneys always endeavor to assist you with reaching an earlier and less-expensive resolution of your legal dispute. For example, our attorneys will assist you with trying to achieve a settlement of your legal dispute by engaging in negotiation and mediation with the other parties who are adverse to you.

Our firm also provides a wide range of transactional legal services. Examples include contracts and agreements, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, health care directives, deeds and other real estate documents.

Following is a list of legal services provided by your Tri-cities WA Attorney:

General Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Family Law, Divorce, Estate Planning, Elder Law and Probate, Medical and Dental Negligence, Personal Injury, Construction Law, Real Estate and Land Use, Contract Law, Business Law, Immigration Law, Constitutional and Civil Rights, Employment Law and Administrative and Government Law.

In addition to Mr. Bolliger, Asa LaMusga and Sara Herr-Waldroup are Associate Attorneys with Clearwater Law Group.

And last but certainly not least, are our incredibly talented paralegals and assistants, Lori Alvarez and Ashley Garza. Both Bi-lingual, they handle the multitude of tasks and projects that exist in a legal firm and keep us afloat and on schedule with case loads and appointments.

Our entire firm is dedicated to helping you solve your legal issues in an expedient and honorable way. We pride ourselves on the fact that we diligently pursue justice for you, and also on the fact that we work with our clients in any way possible to avoid extra costs and help them achieve their desired result without extraordinary fees.

Justice shouldn’t just be for the wealthy, justice was intended for everyone.

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 Our Tri-cities attorneys and lawyers serve the good citizens of Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, and West Richland, as well as those in Benton and Franklin Counties. Similarly, our legal services are available to a all of Washington State. To learn more about our legal services or our lawyers, you may get in touch with us by visiting our Contact page and filling out the form. Likewise, you may call us at (509) 734-8500 to set up a FREE consultation.