Federal Criminal Defense Law.

We can defend you in federal court.

The Importance of Securing a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney.

From the moment you are charged with a federal crime, it is essential to retain an attorney who understands and has had success in this type of case. The lawyers at Clearwater Law Group have worked with various federal crimes, and we are ready to defend you so that you can protect what you worked so hard to create.

Federal crimes are not like other crimes. They can be expensive, detailed, and messy, which is where a qualified federal criminal defense attorney comes into play. We can help with any federal crime that comes our way, including but not limited to federal drug charges, internet crimes, loan fraud, mortgage fraud, obstruction of justice, and tax crimes.

If you have been accused of a federal crime, we understand it can be stressful, and it is our objective to simplify the process. We will advise you on how it works (including if your assets have been seized), what forms you must file with the court, who to consult for specific questions and concerns, and what to expect in federal court.

We realize you might not always have a lot of time once charged before you must appear in court. If necessary, we will come to you to discuss your case and help you work out the details before any hearings or moving forward with a trial.

The resources available to federal agents in investigating a crime are many times that of a local police department. There is also a lot at risk if you are prosecuted. Sentences can be much longer than in state court, for instance. Our team will review your case in depth to determine the evidence against you before recommending the next steps. We can also appeal federal court cases.

We will maintain confidentiality throughout your case so that you can feel comfortable discussing the details with us. When you choose Clearwater Law Group, you will not only receive the guidance of an expert legal team that has worked with similar cases, but you will also have an attorney that is dedicated to your case’s success and presenting all possible options.

Once you retain us, we will evaluate your case in detail. Since federal cases can move forward fast, we need to examine the evidence as soon as possible to begin working on your defense. We will talk to you about any penalties we foresee, in addition to the strength of the allegations.

From there, we will create a federal criminal defense strategy that puts your best interests top of mind. Our goal will be to get the best possible outcome, tailored to your facts and circumstances. However, anything can happen in federal court, and we are willing to be flexible as we proceed through your case. No matter where you are in the prosecution, we are here to help.


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