Immigration Law.

We are experienced attorneys who can advocate for your entire family.


Immigration Attorneys.

Clearwater Law Group’s expert legal team is educated on all guidelines and rules relating to immigration law. We will do everything within our expertise and power to get you the best legal outcome. Get in touch with our Washington-based law firm today if you need an immigration attorney who is willing to present all possible outcomes for your case without regard to a single agenda. We will discuss all the scenarios with you so that you can be educated on the entire process and know what to expect next.


When You Need an Immigration Attorney.

Anytime you deal with issues coming in and out of the U.S., an immigration attorney can help you. Our team can advise you on applying for green cards, visas, and a number of petitions. We can also defend you in immigration court and help file the necessary petitions to bring your family stateside. If you have any questions while putting in your first application, or you are helping a family member through the immigration process, an immigration attorney is equipped to help.

What It Is Like Working With an Immigration Attorney.

We realize that immigration issues are no walk in the park. The paperwork can be confusing if you have not done it before, and it can take months and even years to get applications approved or denied. Our immigration attorneys will work with you to complete any petitions, applications, and documentation. Throughout the process, we will remain focused on your individual legal needs to ensure you get the representation you deserve.

Our Immigration Law Practice Areas Include:

Family Petitions

DACA Renewal

Victims of Crime (U-Visas)

Deportation Defense & Asylum

Know Your Rights.

As with anyone, you cannot be arrested or deported without due cause. You can always choose to remain silent (plead the Fifth) and consult an attorney. You may be required to give your name in some circumstances, but that does not mean you must provide any other information.

It is best to keep your immigration documentation on hand if you are above 18 so that you can avoid being detained if stopped by law enforcement. Unnecessary searches and seizures are inadmissible in court. Staying educated on your rights can help you down the line. Ask your immigration attorney about the best ways to be up to date.


Never Go to an Immigration Hearing Without a Qualified Attorney Present.

If you have been summoned and are at risk for deportation, an immigration attorney is essential. Public defenders do not work with removals from the U.S. A member of our legal team will evaluate your case for opportunities that can keep you in the country if possible or prepare you for the best success back home.

If you are in the U.S. under dangerous circumstances that are beyond your control, we can take measures to see if that is grounds to stay in the U.S. Clear communication is important in this process so that we can defend you and help your case to the best of our ability.


Immigration Law Is Not Just Deportations.

Sometimes, it means avoiding deportations. We are focused on helping you navigate the immigration process to keep you and your family in the country as long as possible. Whether you must renew your DACA, qualify for a type of relief, or team up with law enforcement, we will lend a helping hand every step of the way. Our mission is to keep things clear so that you are only doing things that can benefit your case, not take time away from it.