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Securing a Deportation Defense and Qualifying for Asylum.

Whether you or a family member are at risk for deportation, the time to take action is now. The process usually starts with a Notice to Appear (NTA) in deportation proceedings. This form should show reasonable cause as to why you are being deported. 

A bond hearing will usually happen if the person being deported is in custody with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency. We will work tirelessly to see if you are eligible to be released on bond and help you file the necessary paperwork. We will also share information on the next steps in the immigration process so that you can stay ahead.

Removal hearings will occur next, defining your eligibility to return to the U.S. During the first hearing in removal proceedings, you must plead guilty or innocent to the allegations laid out in your NTA. 

In some cases, nonresidents on the verge of deportation may be granted relief. The Judge will arrange another hearing, where your immigration attorney will showcase any evidence to help your case and get your preferred relief package. 

We will do our best to advocate for your relief, should the option arise. It is important to note that the immigration court is not required to grant relief. They may provide it if you meet a series of criteria. 

What Is Asylum?

Asylum is claimed by an individual who leaves their home country and comes to the United States and applies for protection from the United States so that they do not have to return back to their country.

Asylum is one form of relief that we work with the most. Generally, asylum happens due to extenuating circumstances, such as fear of returning to your country of origin, in which case you may be classified as a refugee. After one year, you may submit an application to live in the U.S. permanently. You may also file the necessary petitions to have your spouse and unmarried children under age 21 move to the country with you. 

How Can an Asylum Attorney Help?

It can be challenging to navigate the paperwork, hearings, and filing processes with deportations and asylum. To keep you and your family together, you need an immigration attorney that knows the way around deportations and asylum law. Clearwater Law Group is qualified to help with all of your needs.

We will attend your removal proceedings, giving you peace of mind that all the necessary steps have been taken to protect your opportunity to hold a job and reside on U.S. soil. Often, once deported, you can return to the U.S. However, that can be years later. Our attorneys will ensure you have the best legal representation and that there are no fallacies in your case, which are causing you to be deported unjustly without the option to return to the U.S. anytime soon. 

Do You Need to Talk to an Asylum Attorney?

Our experienced team of attorneys will do the best we can to keep you in the U.S., help you file the right petitions, compile documentation, file appeals, and more. Put your trust in us as you battle deportation or claim asylum. We will remain transparent with you throughout the case so that you know where you stand in immigration court at all times. 


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