How to Choose a Trust Administration Attorney

Are you looking to create a trust? If so, hiring a trust administration attorney is one of the best things you can do.

As your trust administrator, we will inform all the necessary parties that you have passed, which may include your beneficiaries, life insurance provider, bank, credit card company, or mortgage company.

We will also handle the financials involved with your estate, which may include compiling any unpaid debts, managing your investments, and filing taxes on your behalf. We may also allocate the assets to each beneficiary as laid out in your estate, all while staying in legal compliance.

Trust administration is not for just any lawyer. It takes a qualified professional who has the right experience and tools. It also takes someone who you feel comfortable working with and can trust.

To help you out in finding a trust administration attorney, we have put together a quick list of some important qualities to look for. We hope it helps make your search easier.

A couple consults a trust attorney at Clearwater Law Group as they work to open their trust and they learn about how their trust administration will work.

How to Choose a Trust Administration Attorney

Trust administration attorneys might be a dime a dozen, but the right attorney can make a huge difference when it comes to your peace of mind in how your trust will be handled after you pass. Below are a few things that are good to think about when deciding on an attorney.

As always, if you need a quality attorney who knows the ins and outs of your case type (trusts, in this case), feel free to reach out to the experts at Clearwater Law Group. We are here to assist you.


Anytime you try out a new service, it is a good idea to check out the reviews. Working with a lawyer is no different. Law firms have multiple places online where you can read trust attorney reviews, including but not limited to Avvo, Facebook, Yelp, and the law firm’s website.

Reviews can tell you many things about a lawyer’s services. For instance, you can find answers to your most pressing questions from other people who have used the services themselves. These may include:

  • “Why did you choose this law firm?”
  • “What was it like working with them?”
  • “How is their customer service?”
  • “What are their specialties?”
  • “What are their rates?”
  • “What languages do they speak?”
  • “Did they win your case?”
  • “Would you work with them again?”

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Personal Rapport

One of the best ways to narrow down your choice in a trust administration attorney is to see which attorney you build the most rapport with in the initial consultation. Ask yourself:

  • “Did the attorney ask the right questions?”
  • “Did they let me talk?”
  • “Did they respond the way I wanted?”
  • “Did I feel like I could speak to them without worry?”
  • “Do they respect me?”

Here at Clearwater Law Group, we take great measures to make sure you feel heard at all times. That means asking the important questions and not just responding but listening. Rapport starts with a conversation, and that first phone call or in-person meeting is vital.


Trusts involve a great deal of personal information, often involving your family. If you live in a small town, and you do not feel comfortable opening up to your trust attorney in fear that information will be spread, they have not yet built the rapport that you need.

That means that you should either give them more time or keep looking for another attorney who you trust. If something feels off about your attorney from square one, that is a red flag, and you should keep looking.

However, if the attorney is consistent, presents a transparent fee agreement, and offers a well-thought-out plan, those are indicators that you can trust them. You will have a higher chance of being satisfied with your trust administration if you choose an attorney who you feel you can count on.


The right trust administration attorney will reaffirm your choice in legal representation. Whether you find an attorney through reviews from family and friends or a simple online search, the important thing is that you choose a dependable attorney with whom you feel like you can rely on and speak honestly from the beginning.

Trust administration is complex and requires the know-how to ensure everything is done as you would have wanted. If you have multiple assets or a high net worth and feel that you need an attorney to take you by the hand through the proper documentation, you have made the right choice.Want to start the trust administration conversation? Clearwater Law Group seeks to lessen the stresses of trust administration by helping you create a proactive plan and clearly outline your expectations. Contact our legal office today to arrange a free consultation.