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Here’s how our lawyers in Richland can help:

Clearwater Law Group is the Tri-Cities’ premium law firm, with nationally acclaimed attorneys that go the extra mile in making themselves accessible to each client. There are no guarantees in Law, but we promise transparency and clarity when it comes to options and outcomes, and complete case ownership for each client. Give us a call today.


We offer a variety of legal services to our clients in Richland. See below for the list.


Family Lawyers in Richland

Family law can be complicated and messy. Our family law attorneys in Richland help to alleviate that stress and help you come to an amicable resolution for the following family law issues:


Child Custody

Child Support

Property & Debt Division

Spousal Maintenance


Third-Party Custody



Committed Intimate Relationships

Criminal Defense Lawyers in Richland

With our experience in both criminal prosecution and criminal defense in Richland. “Innocent until proven guilty” means that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. However, in practice, when a defendant walks into the court room, almost everyone already believes they are guilty. It is for this reason that retaining a Richland criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible is in your best interest. We offer criminal defense for the following types of crimes:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Domestic Violence


Gross Misdemeanors


Federal Offenses

Civil Litigation Attorneys in Richland

Navigating the law when it comes to civil law issues in Richland can be overwhelming and confusing. Our civil litigation services include (but are not limited to) trial and dispute resolution procedures like arbitration, mediation, negotiations and appeals. Our civil litigation practices areas in Richland include:

Contract Law

Business Law

Real Estate & Land Use

Construction Law

Administrative Law

Personal Injury

Elder Law and Probate Attorneys in Richland

As our loved ones become older and eventually pass away, we can be faces with several legal issues that must be dealt with, usually on behalf of those loved ones. As they near the end of their life, an elder care attorney in Richland may become necessary for vulnerable adults. A probate attorney will also likely be necessary after they pass away, to handle the legal issues of a will or estate. Here are some of the specific services we offer:

Estate Planning & Administration

Elder Law attorney for Vulnerable Adults

Elder Adult Guardianship

Probate for Decedent Estate

Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution

Immigration Attorneys in Richland

Immigration attorneys in Richland can help with issues coming into the US. We can help with several immigration issues including the following:

Family Petitions

DACA Renewal

Victims of Crime (U-Visas)

Deportation Defense & Asylum