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Top 5 Tactics to Win Your Child Custody Case, According to a Child Custody Attorney

Child custody disputes are seldom easy. In fact, “difficult” is often an undertatement if the parents aren’t on the same page and if you’re not working with the right child custody attorney.

Parents may disagree about where the child should live full time, go to school, and how often they should see the other parent. They may also disagree as to who can better provide for the child and whether 50/50 custody or sole custody will work best.

If you are in the midst of a child custody case, there might not be a winner per se. However, there are a few things you can do to help the case go in your favor.

Top 5 Tactics to Win Your Child Custody Case, According to a Child Custody Attorney

There is not necessarily one way to win a child custody case. However, the following tips can help, according to our child custody attorneys:

Keep your child’s best interest at heart.

At the end of the day, what matters most is that your child is happy, healthy, and in a safe, loving home. Your child’s needs are important. When in the middle of a custody case, consider what is best for your child, not just what is convenient for you.

The best child custody decisions are those which benefit all parties, including both parents and the child. Keeping both parents in the child’s life, assuming that both parents are fit to be parents, is what the court strives for in most child custody cases. Keeping your child’s best interest in mind should be the top priority.

Get an experienced child custody attorney.

Anyone who is facing a child custody dispute should retain a child custody attorney right away. This type of attorney can help you develop a parenting plan, communicate with your former partner and their attorney on your behalf, and facilitate mediation if necessary.

Working with the right attorney is important to help your case go the best way for your child and increase your odds of gaining custody. Here at Clearwater Law Group, our child custody lawyers offer years of experience in family law and high-quality representation that you can count on to help you in your case. 

Fix issues that could work against you.

Are you between jobs? Are you having difficulties finding a good place to live and couch hopping between friends and family members? Are you struggling to make ends meet? All of these factors can affect the child custody decision.

To set yourself up for success and show that you can provide for your child, it is important to take care of any problems with housing, employment, and so forth. Once you have a consistent income and a home or apartment in a suitable part of town, you’ll have a better chance of gaining custody. (Have questions about your custody case? Contact a “top-rated child custody attorney near me.”)

Stay away from social media.

Social media is a fantastic way to stay in touch with your loved ones, but you’ll want to refrain from talking about your former partner there. The reason is that anything you say online can be used against you in court, meaning that it can affect the child custody decision.

Some examples of things not to talk about on social media during a custody dispute include:

  • Finances or Big Purchases: This can make it appear as if you make more money than you really do, which can affect child support. It can also affect spousal maintenance if you owe it and make you look less responsible in the court’s eyes if your purchases seem frivolous in any way.
  • Updates About Your Former Partner or New Partner: Even if you and your ex are having major disagreements, don’t let that tempt you into talking about them and your divorce online. It can make it look like you are trying to put people in general and your child against your ex, which can affect your child custody case. At the same time, if you end up seeing someone else during your child custody battle, now’s not the time to talk about them online. Hold off on sharing your new relationship with the world until the custody battle is over to help things go in your favor.
  • Going Out After Work: Grabbing a drink and unwinding after a long day at the office can easily be taken out of context. Spare yourself the trouble, and stay off of social media until the custody battle is over.

Check out our recent blog about how a social media post can affect a child custody case for more examples.

Be present in your child’s life.

Just as doing what’s best for your child matters, so is being present in their life. This shows the court that you are making an effort, which can help you with child custody. However, more importantly, it shows your child that you are there and are trying.

This is especially important during child custody battles because these battles are just as–if not more–stressful on the kids than they are on the parents. Spending time with your child and being there for them during this challenging time can help your child feel at ease and acknowledged.

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